Gourmet Burger Kitchen – GBK


I have fallen in love with this place again. I didn’t think it could be healthy, but actually the ‘bunless’ option for 50p extra is actually not too bad for you – plus it is quite filling.  The bun gets replaced with homeslaw (think coleslaw but with a vinaigrette instead of calorific mayo) and you get the choice of either simple green salad or chargrilled corn.

I got the Persian Lamb with the meat well done; this comes with pan-fried halloumi, harissa mayo (I didn’t eat much of this), rocket, pickled onions and relish as well as the add-ons that come with opting against the bun. I found it quite filling, I could probably have ate a bit more to be honest, but I guess I was a nice level of full afterwards rather than overdoing it.

Overall this was a very tasty meal, which in my eyes is healthy enough (only you use the mayo sparsely though.) Any healthier than this and you are left with leaves and pickled onions :/ I didn’t get chips with it because I think that kills a healthy meal in one blow – no point watching calories when you are adding a plateful of greasy chips with it. No matter how good they taste.

GBK often has offers on too so it’s especially worth going when you can get hold of these. I loved the Persian Lamb option (Lamb and Halloumi, what’s not to like 🙂 ) – but I am eager to try something else off the menu next time to find out if it’s just as good…



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