Briannas Home Style Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing

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For me it is the dressing which transforms a boring, uninviting salad into something delicious and moreish…and without it, I certainly would not eat a salad as a main meal. Whether we are talking a fancy shop-bought version or even just a little dash of balsamic vinegar and olive oil, it seems to do the trick. I am very fond of honey and mustard dressings and I have tried a few; recently, I have been investing a bit more in the dressing and trying out the slightly more expensive varieties. Surely if it is the dressing which adds the punch and flavour to a salad, then it is worth spending that little bit extra on that item.

It is important to note though that dressings do add calories; 30ml of this stuff has 150 calories. So when you are drowning your salad in it, the calories will multiply. In my opinion, a salad with a drizzle of dressing is still healthy as you are eating all of the fresh components of the salad; tomatoes, avocadoes, smoked salmon, pine nuts or whatever else takes your fancy. Just be sure to be mindful of how much dressing you are adding if you are actually on a diet and actively trying to lose weight.

The most recent one that I bought was Briannas Home Style Dijon Honey Mustard dressing; I purchased it from Waitrose for £2.95. I had to post a review on it because I really liked it…it was extremely tasty. It is sweeter than some of the others that I have tried, but not too overpowering. I found it tasted amazing drizzled on some sweet, fresh, baby plum tomatoes. On the bottle they particularly recommend teaming it up with some ripe avocado…which I found also works beautifully 🙂

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Above is a picture of a salad I ate with the dressing, it was just whatever I had lying in the fridge at the time…I had this as a side to a salmon fishcake…delicious! When I dress my salads, I usually sprinkle some olive oil, salt and pepper in addition to the dressing itself; maybe that’s why the sweetness was balanced perfectly for my tastebuds. I will probably continue trying out different varieties, but this is one that I will definitely be wanting to savour again and again!



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