Rocks Squash – Fizzy Drinks with Less Guilt…


photo 1

I have always avoided fizzy drinks…deeming them extremely detrimental for a whole range of health issues. I managed to abstain so well for years, only indulging in them now and again for a special occasion. However, for the last few months, my ability to resist the temptation whilst others around me are drinking them has pretty much crashed and burned. Now, I crave and enjoy these terrible drinks as much as the next person…all those years that I managed to happily stay away seem but a distant memory…

Of course some fizzy drinks now and again are fine as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet but excessive quantities are not going to help in a bid to lose weight or maintain a healthy diet. But I had lost all self-control so I had to think of an alternative which would be as appealing…I came across this Rocks squash in a Co-op store. I decided to try diluting it with sparkling water and I am hooked on the results. I believe it is a slightly healthier version of a fizzy, soft drink as this cordial is made with just squished organic fruit and sugar; there are no artificial flavours, preservatives, colours and sweeteners. The only additive that their drinks contain is citric acid, which is derived from sweet potato or maize.

photo 2

I have tried the blackcurrant, lemon and orange flavours. Personally, my favourite is the orange, followed by the lemon. I am a fan of Fanta, so the orange provides me with a rough substitute for this…although it doesn’t taste exactly the same obviously, it does the job and tastes less artificial. Moreover, the lemon flavour tastes like some sort of gourmet, Sicilian lemonade…it is nothing like a normal commercial lemonade. It is a bit more tart and, again, it tastes more real, instead of some artificially concocted flavour. So although it does work out as more expensive than a regular soft drink – with a bottle retailing at £2.50-£3 – this will provide about 20 drinks when diluted, which is not bad.

I now keep a bottle of sparkling water in the fridge as well as some Rocks to give me that cold, fizzy fix when I need it – sheer bliss on a hot summery day. In fact, for me, Rocks has become one of my must haves.


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