Pho Restaurant – Shredded Chicken Salad

I visited Pho for lunch today…it is a Vietnamese fast food chain. I think I had theĀ hot & spicy chicken noodle broth last time. I don’t even know why I got it…I know I don’t like noodle-y soups. For me, noodles taste good coated in a lovely sauce – not dropped into a watery broth….

Tortilla – Naked Burrito (with Pork)

I have previously reviewed the Mission Burrito Pork SaladĀ (I don’t know why it’s pork I keep opting for!) So Tortilla is a restaurant chain with a similar concept to Mission Burrito, I guess the clue is in the title! Tortilla prides itself as creating and serving ‘California-style burritos and tacos’ – whatever that means… To…

Aldi Cashew Crush Bars VS Nakd Cashew Cookie Bar

So I really wanted to review these two bars…they are raw fruit and nut bars which provide a nutritious, on-the-go snack. They both only contain 2 ingredients each, just dates and cashew nuts…and actually the exact same proportion of each of these ingredients: 51% cashew nuts and 49% dates. I love that there aren’t loads…

Easy Fruit Smoothie & Baby Food Idea

With my first baby I used to boil/steam fruits and vegetables and freeze little portions. This time round, I have discovered the beauty of the Nutribullet. It provides an extremely quick way of producing fresh, vitamin-rich food for a baby. Quick enough to do on a daily basis without loads of washing up afterwards to contend with.