Easy Fruit Smoothie & Baby Food Idea


The reason behind the massive hiatus in my blogging is that I had another baby 🙂 …and I have only just managed to claim back some time in the day for myself. The joys of children…

Cooking for me has to be quicker and I want to ideally make food that can easily be transformed into healthy, fresh baby food at the same time. It is all about multitasking. For example; if you are making a chicken and vegetable pie (I made it with a cheese sauce) – keep some of the only very lightly seasoned pie filling to puree into baby food. Properly season the remainder that you are going to put into your pies for the adults. This baby food idea may sound horrible to us…but all these pre-prepared baby foods sound horrendous – pureed spag bol anyone? At least this is a freshly prepared, nutritious meal for your little one.

Right, so back to this. With my first baby I used to boil/steam fruits and vegetables and freeze little portions. This time round, I have discovered the beauty of the Nutribullet. It provides an extremely quick way of producing fresh, vitamin-rich food for a baby. Quick enough to do on a daily basis without loads of washing up afterwards to contend with.

I just chuck a few different types of soft fruit into the Nutribullet (which normally include bananas everytime) with some avocado to bulk it up. The avocado doesn’t really have a taste but I like the fact it is providing some good fats and a whole range of other health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and keeping eyes healthy. And apparently it can actually help with weight-loss!! (see Huffington Post article.) The point is that it doesn’t really alter the taste at all – but is so healthy – so why not! Also, I find the addition of avocado makes it more filling. I always use bananas because I feel a ripe banana is always going to add sweetness which can counteract any bitterness you sometimes get with berries. With any leftover purĂ©e, I thin down with juice to create a tasty smoothie to enjoy with my lunch!


Makes one portion of baby food and one smoothie for mummy to drink..!


I used banana, avocado, water, blackberries and mango in this example.

blended smoothie

This is what it looks like when blended…

  • 1 ripe banana peeled
  • Small amount of boiled/cooled water (people with babies will be aware of this concept…)
  • Half an avocado (you can add more if you want it to be extra filling) – take out seed and peel skin
  • Handful of  washed and prepped soft fruit…any combo. The type of soft fruits I use are blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, soft ripe pears, peaches, pineapple…(but literally any combination of these will work).
  • Some 100% pressed fruit juice (I like apple and mango or apple – whatever you have in your fridge really) – don’t use juice drinks or juices made from concentrate. Just use the amount of juice that you need for your desired smoothie consistency.


  1. Put the water and choice of prepped fruits, avocado and banana and whizz up. That’s literally it 🙂 Some of the seedy sort of berries may need longer to blitz and may still have whole seeds. But my little one doesn’t mind this…Spoon out the portion of this that is intended to feed baby into the baby’s bowl…

baby smoothie

2.With any remainder of the puree left in blender add a splash of the juice and blitz again…this will then become a runnier, thinner consistency – perfect to drink!

So I find that the smoothie can be quite filling dependent on the proportion of avocado used. It is not a meal replacement for me but it is a tasty bulky drink which means I don’t have to eat as much as I would have. I know the smoothie could be made healthier by added other superfoods; kale, flaxseeds and all the rest of it. But I want something I will actually want to drink as opposed to be suffering through. It might actually taste nice with the introduction of these other ingredients…and I may try it at some point – but this is just what I do at the moment. In one drink I am getting through quite a few of my 5 a day..! Also – this smoothie is perfect to serve to any other children you have and normal enough-tasting that they won’t detect it is good for them..!

Note: Eat/drink this straight away because avocado doesn’t keep that well! I normally make it to serve straight away for baby and I sometimes keep my smoothie in the fridge with the lid on.





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