Tortilla – Naked Burrito (with Pork)

I have previously reviewed the Mission Burrito Pork Salad (I don’t know why it’s pork I keep opting for!) So Tortilla is a restaurant chain with a similar concept to Mission Burrito, I guess the clue is in the title! Tortilla prides itself as creating and serving ‘California-style burritos and tacos’ – whatever that means… To me, Mexican fast food all tastes very similar, whatever chain you get it from. Of course exceptions do apply to smaller, more specialist establishments – I am specifically talking about large chains. Anyway, I visited the Grand Central, Birmingham branch of the restaurant this time…


I got the naked burrito which means you get a bowl comprising; your choice of rice (coriander or tomato), the option of black or pinto beans, cheese, sour cream, two different salsas from a range of 5, meat (chicken, steak, shredded beef or pork) and then the option to add on guacamole for 80p extra. The large bowl costs £6.40, whereas you are looking at £5.40 for the smaller version. There are options to go completely carb-less (replacing rice with salad) or a vegetarian version can also be prepared.

tortilla bowl

I got the large (as I find medium doesn’t fill me up…perhaps something to do with the scarcity of carbs…) I also opted for coriander rice, black beans, cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo (essential for the crunch I feel), a medium heat sauce-type salsa and I also opted to go for the whole shabang and get the guacamole too 🙂 I really do enjoy this meal…I have had it several times in fact. I like the lack of carbs in it, but that it is still very hearty, filling food. The pork is also very tender and everything seems really fresh. According to the website, you can replace the rice with salad if you prefer – didn’t realize this, as they never give you this option at the counter :/ – but next time I will definitely be swapping. I am not a big fan of white rice, taste-wise for me, it is bringing little, if anything, to this party! Now that I think about it though…blimey this fast food is getting pricey!! I paid £7.20. Compared to the Mission Burrito one – this is actually very similar (especially if you swap the rice for salad) – but one noticeable ingredient that this one lacks is jalapenos. I don’t think it is worth getting very regularly for the price to be honest – but works as a treat for now and again. I will be repurchasing…but maybe I shouldn’t get it for a while…


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