Pinkberry Chocolate Hazelnut Frozen Yoghurt


I first tried Pinkberry in New York, and it was the chocolate hazelnut flavour that I had sampled. It was sublime. Pure frozen bliss. And the fact that this is frozen yoghurt as opposed to ice-cream made it even more appealing from a weight-loss perspective.

They have recently opened a new kiosk at Westfield Stratford (they used to have a store there a while ago but closed it down for some reason), I was eager to have a taste. I have tried other flavours, by other frozen yoghurt competitors, but I never came across this flavour among those companies; and this is the flavour that I had fallen in love with…The Pinkberry kiosk had several different flavours on offer and scores of toppings and sauces to indulge in; from chocolate chips to strawberries. Some healthy, whereas others decidedly not.

pinkberry kiosk stratford
Pinkberry kiosk; Stratford, Westfield

This time, the frozen yoghurt was just as scrumptious as I had remembered it. It is creamy and reminds me of a slightly lighter version of ice-cream. It actually does not taste much different from ice-cream for me and provides me with exactly the same level of satisfaction…so if it is healthier in some way, it is a surefire winner. A very easy and painless swap to make. I found the small portion to be more than enough to satiate that sweet tooth and act as a little dessert after food, so I would probably stick to that size. However, I actually wonder just how much healthier it is?

chocolate hazelnut pinkberry
A mouth-watering treat if you are having a cheat day

This particular flavour is the second most calorific one they produce…and there are over 40 noted on their website (they only offer a small selection of these at each branch.) It contains 160 calories per 100g. To put into perspective, Häagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream has 260 calories per 100g and the Häagen-Dazs vanilla flavour has 249 calories for an equivalent portion size. Moreover, the ingredients in this Pinkberry frozen yoghurt contain a chocolate/hazelnut paste…it is something similar to the infamous Nutella, according to the counter assistant at the kiosk. This also rings alarm bells for me. Although this ingredient gives the product an undoubtedly mouth-watering flavour…I do not have Nutella down as a particularly healthy additive. And as the chocolate/hazelnut flavour is so potent throughout the product…I am questioning the quantity of Nutella-like paste required to achieve such a vivid flavour.

My conclusion is that this Chocolate Hazelnut frozen yoghurt is the perfect occasional treat on a blistering summers day—but don’t kid yourself into thinking you are being good. Especially not if you are loading it with sauces and confectionary. I would most definitely get this again; it does have less calories than ice cream so it is marginally healthier. Or that is what I have convinced myself anyway…However, if I was particularly being healthy, I would stick to the Original flavour—it only has 100 calories per 100g—perhaps with a very light drizzle of honey. Or there are other flavours which are considerably less calorific…yes salted caramel I am eyeing you up next…

The options available at Stratford currently…

Calories per 100g

  • Original – 100
  • Chocolate Hazelnut – 160
  • Strawberry – 110
  • Salted Caramel – 120
  • Mango – 110
  • Peanut Butter – 170

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Leyla says:

    I’m glad you showed me this little discovery! The peanut butter flavour was delicious! I’ve told my brother about it too as he loves peanut butter flavoured things! xx


    1. keenoir says:

      I’m glad you liked it…it will be perfect to eat when the weather picks up again xx


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