Healthy-Eating Tips

Are you an individual who loves food? Food makes me happy; thinking about it, eating it, making it…I want to eat healthier but I still want substantial, tasty meals I can look forward to and enjoy.

Below I have some tips that I have tried to incorporate into my eating philosophy. I feel this approach is working as I am losing weight, but it is not a full-on diet. I have not lost loads and loads very fast, it is more slow and steady weight loss which hopefully will be easier to sustain too.

By following the approach outlined below I have managed to lose weight. It isn’t anything revolutionary or drastic, but it is just being sensible and being aware of the calories you are consuming at all times. It may not be for everyone, but it has definitely worked for me – so I thought I would share my experience…


  1. Only eat if you are actually hungry – there is no point eating the extra calories if you are not hungry. So snacking on a chocolate bar when you are actually full…you need to ask yourself whether it is necessary!
  2. Cut out/down on processed, white carbs and sugary food. Chips are ridiculously high calorie and not at all nutritious either, try substituting these for baked wedges as an equally tasty occasional treat. Making food from scratch doesn’t need to be that time-consuming – find quick recipes, there are loads about. Cakes, biscuits and the like should be rare treats and if you are going to indulge just have a small piece of chocolate or half a biscuit. It might be hard at first to stop at a small portion but you will get used to it.
  3. When eating out pick something that is low-calorie – it is astonishing what the calories in some meals are. Some meal options may provide a similar level of satisfaction for you but with drastically different calorie counts; in this case, pick the lower calorie option..! Some restaurants do half portions – get a half-portion with a healthy salad or slaw to bulk it up. If you want to have a dessert (as a rare treat) share one with a friend or two rather than getting one each. You will satisfy your sweet tooth without overloading with the calories.
  4. If you are eating something unhealthy for one of your meals…eat something super healthy for another meal. This way the excess calories in one of your meals will be at least somewhat offset by your healthy meal. I think it’s okay to eat something unhealthy…you just need to be extra careful and extra healthy for your other meals. At least this way, you can still eat the things you crave…but smaller portions and a lot less frequently. I don’t think I could just give up the things I love to eat forever.
  5. Plan your meals ahead – know what you are having for breakfast, lunch and dinner the following day. You minimize wasted food and you also can plan or make that nutritious and healthy meal rather than grabbing some convenience food last minute. I like looking forward to my meals so I like knowing what I am going to have in advance.



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