Welcome to my Blog…

My focus is mainly on healthy, tasty food—but occasionally I will post recipes that are purely bad for you and should be consumed in small portions. I don’t think you should deprive yourself too much with food: Everything in moderation, as they say, is fine. A cheat day now and again is fine…


If you go on extreme diets you will crave your bad foods and may even end up binge eating these vices. Eat a balanced, healthy diet (cook from scratch if you can!)—and treat yourself now and again. I like trying to search for and concocting healthy meals which do not scrimp on taste. My philosophy is that we should look forward to our meals as opposed to suffering through them for the sake of a diet. Good food makes me happy. I like to keep an eye on the calories that I consume—consistently over the daily requirements along with no exercise will inevitably lead to piling on the pounds…


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